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Our Longmont Sprinkler Installation Team Has Your Lawn Covered!

Sprinkler installation is a highly detailed operationThe biggest problem with a sprinkler system that has been ignored for too long is coverage. While the system may have provided exactly what was necessary when it was installed, landscapes evolve and as they do their needs change. Sprinkler heads that used to easily clear the surface of the lawn can get swallowed up by the thatch around them. This can lead to pooling of water around the sprinkler head and a loss of coverage as the water sprays directly into the grass blades adjacent to the head. This type of problem can be fixed by simply changing out a 2 or 4 inch riser with a 6 or 12 inch riser.

A Growing Landscape Needs a System That Keeps Up!

Our Longmont Sprinkler Installation team keeps your lawn lush and green The major change in landscaping comes in perennial plantings, bushes and trees. As these elements of your yard grow they will need increasing amounts of water. This can be achieved in one of two ways. Either the plant will develop deeper roots and need less irrigation or the irrigation system will have to deliver more water to the areas around the plants to compensate for their shallow roots. Our Longmont sprinkler installation techs have seen this happen both ways.

Yearly Maintenance Will Keep Your Lawn Looking Great!

Our installation team will help your system stay worry free with yearly maintenance The cure to a sprinkler system with poor or compromised coverage is a full water usage audit and individual sprinkler head adjustment.

This type of service is only necessary once every five or so years, but will make a world of difference in your monthly water bill and the growth of your lawn.

By returning your sprinkler system to its original efficiency and implementing a yearly maintenance program you can assure that your lawn will return to top form and keep you from having to bring out a hose to do supplemental watering to achieve your desired results. Our Longmont sprinkler installation team will make sure that every inch of your property receives exactly the right amount of water to leave it lush and green. Call us to schedule your water usage audit and get your lawn back to its old glory fast!


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